The Sacchetto company was established in the early ‘900s, in the Veneto region where the wine was an integral part of the history, culture and economy. The founder was Sisto Sacchetto, who set up the vine and wine-making trade in the early postwar period. Thanks to his technical and sales skills, the flourishing trade developed into a more structured reality between the ‘50’s and the ‘60’s, the Italian economic boom years.

In these years  Sisto showed his idea of giving an added value to the family company leading it to …the origin land, producing directly  the grapes for his wines.


The vineyard evaluation, the land comprehension: how, why and what it can offer. Analysis, eye, instinct: in one word experience, in some cases the capacity (and the will) of betting on a sensation.

These are abilities that must be constantly enriched by everyday experience through the comparison between physical and social land features.

If at the times of Sisto, the company founder, the experience and comparison were direct and often sealed by a handshake, today the wine market asks for skilled analysis, eye and instinct in fields that 30 years ago were considered just secondary issues.

What has always the same value for Sacchetto, is the handshake, even when it’s travelling by e-mail.


Sacchetto wines represent the symbiosis between Veneto and the wine there produced. Being into so much tradition is challenging, but living and showing it to the world is the basis of our passion and work.