Although not so wide, the area of Prosecco DOCG Valdobbiadene is characterized by a climate, historical and land variety, that makes it really rich.

Here the high-hill shelves with their hand-picked up  grapes and the steep slopes, create a characteristic landscape and give to our prosecco that unique value.

For some reasons this is a difficult land that has been always beloved, lived and protected.

The different microclimate, the short distance from the sea and the mountains, the land composition make this area ideal to grow unique vineyards.


The vineyard evaluation, the land comprehension: how, why and what it can offer. Analysis, eye, instinct: in one word experience, in some cases the capacity (and the will) of betting on a sensation.

These are abilities that must be constantly enriched by everyday experience through the comparison between physical and social land features.

If at the times of Sisto, the company founder, the experience and comparison were direct and often sealed by a handshake, today the wine market asks for skilled analysis, eye and instinct in fields that 30 years ago were considered just secondary issues.

What has always the same value for Sacchetto, is the handshake, even when it’s travelling by e-mail.


In the heart of Treviso hills, the Prosecco DOCG area is something more than a matter of Production Regulation that spreads over about 6000 hectares. It’s the most valuable area of the Treviso hills,  a strip of land where the wine is merged with art and culture everlastingly at the highest level.

The Sacchetto family proudly produces wine in this land,  in the respect of the unique mix  of this ideal soil, the experience that can be breathed in the air, the will of being always innovative, as the tradition requires.


Prapian estate is the flagship of our company. Here the Sacchetto distinctive character, the attention and diligence in the work , the tradition as root of a constant development, the management and productive flexibility, are expressed in the form of  walls, vineyards, trails, land and sky, merged in a unique way.

The estate spreads over 45 hectares in the DOCG Valdobbiadene area and for 20 hectares in the DOCG Asolo – Nervesa area.

The foothill microclimate is ideal for glera grapes: the temperature range is excellent, the rain falls mainly in Spring, the soil is rich of the typical settled features of the Miocene and Ice age that become a well-appreciated wine all over the world.

The company was built following the modern principles, born to evolve, keeping in mind the roots of the land and of the family. Come and visit us!