We are a family, we have been winemakers for almost 100 years and we’re doing this with the same passion of the 20’s.

We are a company. This means attention, passion, great flexibility.

We are Filiberto, Beatrice and Paolo Sacchetto, faces that you’ll see in these pages and that are constantly  investing in the productive process, in new machinery and technology, that know the land and its grape and export most of the production, with esteemed and awarded style and brand awareness. We are not just three, but who works with us shares our spirit and wish of producing wines as a land and tradition expression. And each tasting confirms this.


The Sacchetto company was established in the early ‘900s, in the Veneto region where the wine was an integral part of the history, culture and economy. The founder was Sisto Sacchetto, who set up the vine and wine-making trade in the early postwar period. Thanks to his technical and sales skills, the flourishing trade developed into a more structured reality between the ‘50’s and the ‘60’s, the Italian economic boom years.

In these years  Sisto showed his idea of giving an added value to the family company leading it to …the origin land, producing directly  the grapes for his wines.

Sisto’s son, Filiberto, still operative in the Trebaseleghe Headquarters, strengthen the company that in the decades to come will develop all over the world.


Filiberto hasn’t forgotten his father’s project, and has spread it completely to his sons, Paolo and Beatrice. Together they lead this modern company with an innovative sight, on the strength of their skill of reading the international market.

Today the family dream of settling in the beloved Veneto land has come true thanks to the Prapian Estate, located in the heart of the Docg  Valdobbiadene Prosecco area.

This is the Sacchetto wine company’s flagship, renowned for his product excellence, the dynamism and the passion.


Mixing the prestigious wine tradition with today’s taste means using the own experience in an innovative way. Our experience leads us to express always in a different way the warmth and unicity of our native land.

For this reason the wine-making and refining process are thought to create wines that really speak the universal language of the palate.

Wines with a clear personality, to be siped with an open soul, for an ideal tasting.

This is the result of the cooperation with a tight-knit team, and involves Sacchetto family and the oenologists, that follow analysis, research and development, balancing every day precision and creativity.


The vinification and the bottling process follow a tested production line, safe in terms of quality and efficiency.   The capacity of maintaining a steady presence in the wine market depends definitely on these choices too, so the technical know-how and machinery upgrade is constant and precise.

To grant our level of service, in compliance with current regulations, with our quality and sustainability objectives, we have obtained the following certifications: BRC, SMETA / SEDEX, ORGANIC CERTIFICATION, EQUALITAS.